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October 6, 2016



October 6, 2016


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October 6, 2016


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October 6, 2016


Snowpy Ice Cream

December 16, 2014


Kids @ Play Kiddiezone Playroom

December 16, 2014


Jump & Slide Inflatables

December 16, 2014



December 16, 2014

Who We Are

In 2006, RSS COMPANY bravely ventured and started with DJ-JM Angel’s Playroom, now KIDS AT PLAY KIDDIEZONE. The name DJ-JM Angel’s playroom was derived from our first born, DJ, whom we regarded as our little angel but was summoned back by our creator to join HIM the soonest and from our second child, JM, who had keen interest in playrooms. These important events made us to finally conceptualize a playroom where our own kids could play and learn together with your kids too and to serve as our sweet memory of our little angel, DJ.

Thus the combination of the two, DJ-JM Angels Playroom was born.

It is used to be located at the Blue Wave Marquinton Mall and was significantly designed to cater to our huggable little angels during their visits to the Mall. This facility is equipped with educational toys for the little babies as they try to learn and play at the same time.

Noblest may it seem is the intention of the said playroom, however not all kids have the privilege to experience fun and learning in a very cozy place due to the accessibility of its location. This was the moving force that made the management to re-locate its establishment to further its reach to families who wish to cater its services for their little angels in 2008.

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Our Services 

  • Kids @ Play Kiddiezone Playroom

    – Is a place where you can leave your children while you shop / roam around the mall.

  • Snowpy Ice Cream

    – Refreshing soft ice cream (with various delicious flavors like chocolate, vanilla, mocha, strawberry, cheeze, melon & buko pandan).

  • Rodeo Star Mechanical Bull Ride

    – It’s time to say “Yeehah!” and experience the fun while riding our mechanical bull ride.

  • Jump & Slide Inflatables

    – Your children loves to jump and slide (same with my kids) that is why we joined the “inflatable fever” to cater the non-stop “jumping” interest of our kids.

  • Zorbs

    – Start zorbing now and experience the feeling rolling around inside a 3 meters diameter Neon Ball.